Prebonded Hair Extensions

Prebonded hair extensions (also known as I-Tips,U-Tips,Flat-Tips) is probably the most popular technique used when applying permanent extensions. we have quality of  last 3-6 months and over one year.

I Tips applied using micro-rings by clamping the small rings until fully secured onto the natural hair, they are removed by the same tool as being applied. As they don’t require any heat or glue, this technique is known for being one of the safest hair extension methods in today’s market.

U Tips and Flat Tips are applied using a heat connector (known as the fusion technique) which melts the bond on to the natural hair. The keratin bonds are made from high-quality keratin which means they will last for the duration of the extensions and are easy to remove with acetone remover solution.

  • ususal made into 1g/strand,also can do as customers’ demand 0.5g,0.7g,0.8g…
  • 8″-40″ can be available.
  • 43 colors to choose from color chart.
  • single drawn and double drawn both can be supplied.